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Going up to Sapa to “live slowly” with nature in New Year

Going up to Sapa to “live slowly” with nature in New Year

In the past, Sapa is known as a quite town, very peaceful place in the fog. However, the number of visitors has more and more increased recently, which makes Sapa become noisier. Guests who love the quiet atmosphere of Sapa look for new places around it to enjoy the fresh air and feel like dropping their soul floating in the cloud of clouds. In your Vietnam Classic Tours https://www.fareastour.asia/private-tours/vietnam-classic-tour-packages/, you can spend 2, 3 days to indulge yourself into the fabulous scenes of Sapa.

Ta Van - a town of ethnic minorities

Ta Van is located in Muong  Hoa Valley, it is about 12 km from here to Sapa if we pass through villages. It is not as noisy as the town. Ta Van means “a big arc”, visitors will see the enormous scene of Hoang Lien Son, the terraced fields spread out like the arc or wild flowers grow on the stone. It remains of ancient Vietnamese stone worship with many pictures, patterns on the cliffs.
The imposing scenes in Ta Van Village
The imposing scenes in Ta Van Village.
Tourists can stay at in the Giay ethnic group and participate in all activities with the host to explore the culture, cuisine in Vietnam Adventure Tours.  The sudden rains may come at night, lying on the warm cushion and reading books under the oil lamp’s light, is an unforgettable experience for any traveler.
In the early morning, when we go along gurgling streams and through the suspension bridges, we can easily see ethnical little girls with innocent faces, English-speaking and wearing the colored brocade dresses. Ta Van only has 40 families and they all have a peaceful, close to nature life. It is very different from the noisy and hurried life speed outside. 
Topas Ecolodge is breath-taking among the mountain of Sapa.
Topas Ecolodge is breath-taking among the mountain of Sapa.
About 18 km from Ta Van, there is Topas Ecolodge resort named "flower of Muong Hoa valley". This is the place Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan came to resort in 2011.
After about half an hour of discovery through remote and flooded in the cloud villages, the appearance of 25 small houses will make visitors excited and thrilling. They look forward to having the joy of drinking a hot tea outside the balcony and drop your soul in the steep terraced fields across the Muong Hoa valley.
Topas Ecolodge was designed as an eco-friendly resort resort with 25 rustic cottages, simplistic decoration styles, brings a pleasant feeling. The furniture is not redundant, not missing. Those are enough for the basic needs. The people who come here will spend almost their time for sightseeing, talking with local people and enjoy some famous local dishes especially salmon hotpot.
Many people want to immerse themselves into the fairy swimming pool of Topas Ecolodge.
Many people want to immerse themselves into the fairy swimming pool of Topas Ecolodge.
One point that impresses most tourists when coming here is most of the staff is local people.  After more than 3 years of training not only about languages but also professional skills, they will get a stable job in their own hometown. It is a humanity that makes many visitors touching. It is also the place for marathon competition on the mountain which is held every summer, early autumn.
Formerly, the number of visitors who come here to visit is mainly foreigners, but since Mark Zuckerberg and his wife set foot in the resort, the number of Vietnamese visitors has increased dramatically in recent years. We can see that Vietnamese people are increasingly looking for resorts close to nature to enjoy the fresh and slow life.