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Experience the Lunar New Year in the Southern Highlands

Experience the Lunar New Year in the Southern Highlands

Spring spread in all regions of the country, the spring of the New Year in the Central Highlands is also happy, peaceful. It is a common feeling of many compatriots of ethnic minorities who are living in the land of beloved highlands in New Year's day...

Tet is early in each village

This holiday in Tay Nguyen is a happy spring you can refer for your New Orient Tours. Along with the coffee season, pepper is priced, poor households are also the State, organizations and individuals support heart rice support, Tet gifts very warm heart. Tet seems to have come early with the people of Gia (Pleiku city, Gia Lai), a revolutionary base area under two wars of resistance against French colonialism and American imperialism, where the sound of gunfire opened the war for war Historical Highlands.
A custom in Tay Nguyen in New Year.
A custom in Tay Nguyen in New Year.
In the two resistance wars against the French colonialists and American imperialists, Gaao commune had nearly 400 families and individuals contributed to the revolution of more than 40 tons of food, over 3,000 working days of road construction, transporting 15 tons of various weapons combat service. Many of the children of Guo commune were courageously sacrificed in resistance. Text: "A pedal area, three guns, war people are brave" is engraved on the memorial memorial commune Screaming and carved deep in the heart of the people here. Officials and people of Goi commune have been conferred the title Hero of the People's Armed Forces in 2 times. Besides the heroic achievements, the old war zone is building a new campaign that is escape poverty to get rich.
This year, Gao people have more joy because they receive gifts from People's Public Security Newspaper. Lunar New Year's generations of revolutionary elders and their children and grandchildren came back to the former base of Gao commune to light the pilgrimage and commemorate the heroic martyrs at the memorial stele of Go village. The villagers here are happy and bustling with gongs, gongs and rhythms, and wine.
gong performance in Vietnam's highlands in the spring festival.
Gong performance in Vietnam's highlands in the spring festival.
Puih Ri, Secretary of the Commune People's Committee, said that in the commune of Chatan, about 60% of the people in war and peace, their relatives are full of party and revolution. With the investment of the State, the national power grid has been pulled to all 7/7 village villages of the commune, the number of households using electricity at home is 100%. Economic development, people's life step by step improved so this home is very happy.
New Year's Day, to the remote villages of Dak Nong, Dak Lak, Lam Dong ... everywhere is full of warm spring and warm spring. Along with hundreds of flowers blooming, the aroma of Highlands coffee flowers also make a great spring trip. Many relatives of Bu Hue village, Ea Ktua commune, Chu Quynh district, Dak Lak province confided, Tet in the Protestant families also have banh chung, banh tet, confectionery and fresh water, but absolutely no. wine. Also in the families of local people do not follow the New Year, always have wine jars to worship Yang and invite guests.

Serious footprints police soldiers

To get the peaceful and peaceful Tet, it is necessary to mention the little work of the police officers who are staying in the village every night, worrying about Tet for the people. In fact, Tet has come, everyone wishes to be reunited with their families, this desire with the police officers who are working in the Central Highlands is even more burning, because all year round lived with the mountains, the village and the lack of love of family, relatives, relatives ... But as soldiers must always leave, sacrificing personal happiness to care for the people. And that is the honor and the happiness of the police officers.
This year, security reconnaissance Le Khac Nghiem, Officer of the Central Highlands Security Department, happy in the village with ethnic minority people in Duc Co border area, Gia Lai. Staying with the village also means one more Tet away from home, away from home. On New Year's Eve, he just called home to Thanh Hoa to celebrate the New Year and his family in turn. Meanwhile, Captain Nguyen Manh Hung, a cadre of the Central Highland Security Department, was in charge of Phu Thien, Gia Lai and Tet.
Security survey Phan Minh Quan, Officer of the Central Highlands Security Department in charge of the Krong Pa area, Gia Lai confided: "Every year so, the Tet holiday often soldiers unit soldiers almost no Leisure time to play that always grasps the base area. Tết in their area to be in peace are brothers happy! " Your happiness in the New Year is to keep the border is peaceful, for people to enjoy Tet.
A peacefulness in the ethnic village of Tay Nguyen.
A peacefulness in the ethnic village of Tay Nguyen.
Together with the security forces, the combat units of the People's Police Branch of the Central Highland Police also have a permanent staff of 100% of the troops to make Tet holiday for the people. Senior Lieutenant Colonel Dau Chi Thanh - Head of Security and Mitigation Police said: "After the New Year, the unit will be resting for CBCS to take part in Tet holidays. In addition to the patrols, the unit also mobilized forces to some areas and planned to coordinate the security of the festival to welcome New Year's Eve, the key targets, and the area. Concentrated entertainment...
The Traffic Police also concentrates 100% on the task force, ensuring smooth traffic, preventing traffic jams, avoiding jams and limiting the number of traffic accidents. The police force in 113 localities permanently resolved cases related to security and order in all situations, not including day and night.

After the trip into the Central Highland of Tay Nguyen, you can spend more 2 or 3 days to explore the authentic life in the south of Vietnam. Via Vietnam Mekong Tours, you will have chance to experience the life on the waterways. Your journey from the southern center to the south of Vietnam is very proper and interesting.